Goodbye to the Chicks

Goodbye to our chicks

Today we all said goodbye to the six chicks which hatched in school. Four of the fluffy little bundles are going to Miss Ramdel’s father to join his current flock and the two cockerels will be going to their new home on a free range farm.

Our pupils have been studying the 6 chickens from the very first moment they arrived in school when they were still inside the eggs.

When they arrived in the incubator, the children learnt all about the ideal temperature for them and the importance of the humidity in the hatching process.

The children made predictions on how many of the 11 eggs they thought would hatch.

Once the little chicks started to hatch the children looked at their appearance and started to determine their sex depending on the colour.

Once the chickens where fluffy, they were transferred from the incubator to the ‘brooder’ and were given food and water. Children then began to learn about what the chicks needed to survive and grow healthy. They also researched facts about chickens including; how long  they live, what they eat and what happens to them once they are fully grown.

We are all going to miss our daily fix of cuteness but will ask Miss Ramdel to keep us informed on their progress.

Take a look at Mr Ortiz’s time-lapse video which shows the rest of the chicks hatching.

What an amazing experience for the children, thank you Mr Ortiz for organizing.



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