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Greenwich Royal Observatory

Greenwich Royal Observatory

Year 6 went on a fascinating trip to the Greenwich Royal Observatory where they visited the museum and the planetarium.  The children were so excited to share their experience when they returned to school and Sachin wrote this wonderful review:

“I enjoyed the trip to the Greenwich Observatory, it was so fascinating; we got to see how the clocks were designed to tell the time which would help the sailors travelling the world know where were. We first explored around the museum which we got to see the second hand of the clock moving in its complicated mechanism. Following we went to the planetarium it was a dome projected with the solar system, which explained in detail about our planet compared to the others. It was amazing to see our galaxy right above your head! We soon went to the observatory where we had an explanation about how the telescoped were invented, they were huge weighing almost the equivalent of 10 hippopotamuses! Outside the building which has a red ball which drops exactly when the time struck one, we got to see this happening and some people set their watches according to it. The trip was a very memorable trip and there were several opportunities to learn new things.”

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