The HPPA is the School’s parents’ association. Every current parent is automatically a member of the HPPA and is welcome (and encouraged) to become involved in its activities.

The primary purposes of the HPPA are:

  • to contribute positively to the School community
  • to engage parents socially, with the main focuses being the child, parent and the School
  • to seek actively to raise the external profile of the school and to contribute to a positive atmosphere within the School
  • to raise funds for local and international charities throughout the year (as well as, from time to time, and in special circumstances, for the School and its students).

The Association is a social group and does not involve itself in the running of the school in any way.

The HPPA is a great way to meet other parents. The school is justifiably proud of its family ethos and the HPPA reflects this spirit, bringing together parents from throughout the school in a social and friendly setting.

The HPPA Committee for 2015-2016 is comprised of the following members:

HPPA Committee Members

Edward LevyChair
Diana NathanVice Chair
Karen GoodmanTreasurer
Amanda SharpSecretary
Jenny LooCo Events Co-ordinator
Sarah Mann YeagerCo Events Co-ordinator
Sarah SegalCo Events Co-cordinator
VacancyPublicity & Marketing Co-ordinator

The HPPA seeks to involve as many parents as possible and is always looking for volunteers to help with the many activities it organises. The contribution of time by many parents helps ensure the number, variety, and success of the events we organise.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, wish to find out more about ways to help, or have any questions whatsoever about the HPPA, please contact the Committee via email HPPA@atlantic.demon.co.uk or come and talk to us in the playground.

On behalf of the whole Committee, welcome to the HPPA. We hope to see as many of you as possible at our upcoming events.