In celebration of Diwali

As part of the School’s celebration of Diwali this week children from Nursery to Year 3 were treated to a fabulous puppet show, presented by Puranas Ltd, which told the story of the Ramayana.

To know the people of a country, it is imperative that we understand the narratives that bring them together. The Indian mythological story, Ramayana, is a beautiful epic that tells the story of Prince Rama and his brother Lakshmana who fight the evil demon King Ravana.

The story has been told and re-told over thousands of years by poets, performers and writers and the puppet format which the children watched this week was a fascinating re-telling of a story which spans three worlds of gods, humans and demons.

The children were transfixed by the puppets and engrossed in a story which conveys the quintessential message – the triumph of good over evil, of courage over fear and of loyalty over betrayal.

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