Back To School

For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please read our Back to School Guide.

Year 4

Year 4

Year 4 children receive subject specialist teaching around the school.  Teachers encourage the children to become more independent and take greater responsibility for their work routines.

Our aim is to enrich the children’s learning and broaden their horizons. In Year 4 children are encouraged to take academic risks and become confident and more independent learners.

At the end of the autumn, spring and summer terms, assessments are based on the ISEB curriculum which is used to assess a child’s progress. This also helps prepare children for the more rigorous ISEB curriculum in Year 5.

PE and Games is an essential part of the curriculum with pupils in Year 4 enjoying one afternoon of games and one session of PE per week.

Finding out more about Hendon Prep’s Year 4 Classes is easy; all you need to do is request a prospectus or book a visit with us today.

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