Welcome to our House

Welcome to our House

The Hendon Prep House System is an incredibly important part of school life and is used to encourage healthy competition within the school community.   It is used to celebrate achievements and effort; and courtesy, kindness and a commitment to striving for one’s best are all rewarded with house points.  Belonging to a House encourages co-operation and teamwork and helps our children develop a sense of community and responsibility.

We have four houses at Hendon Prep, each named after a local road and represented by a house colour; Tenterden is yellow, Brenthurst is blue, Brinsdale is red and Cedars is green.

Every children from Reception upwards is placed in one of the four houses where they will remain until they leave the school. Teaching staff are also members of a House and each House has their own House Captain, this year’s captains are Omar (8O), Tenterden, Sam (8O), Brenthurst, Ansh (8O) Brinsdale and Ahmed (8O), Cedars.

By winning House points children contribute to their house and also earn rewards for themselves, when they have earned 200 house points a pupil will receive a Bronze Award, including a badge, which they wear with pride, and a certificate, for 400 points they receive a Silver award and for 600 points they receive a Gold award.

Pupils can earn house points for effort in class, achievement, or general good conduct.  They can also take part in regular inter-house competitions such as debating, chess, topic talks and obviously sports day to earn additional valuable points; all of which add up during the year in the race to become House champions.

The house system isn’t focussed purely on competition though, as there is a strong and important pastoral element to belonging to a House and one of the key features is our well-established In-house Buddy System whereby older children are taught to mentor younger ones, engendering a sense of responsibility in the older child and giving extra support for the younger ones. The Houses also underpin the school’s charitable ethos and the pupils in each house choose a new charity to support at the beginning of each term; with the children being responsible for developing activities to raise money for their chosen charities.

We are very proud of the effort our pupils put in when contributing to their house and believe that the values and lessons they learn from being a member of a house will benefit them for years to come.

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