Executive Head's Welcome

Executive Head's Welcome

Founded in 1873, Hendon Prep School has been providing a unique educational journey which prides itself in building firm foundations for future learning.



Situated in North West London, it is one of the leading independent schools in the area which provides an all-round education. Whilst nurturing the traditional academic subjects, Hendon Prep is also a forward thinking school; embracing new opportunities within teaching and learning; and a willingness to progress and to innovate to ensure the school meets the needs of our future global citizens. Children discover their talents; develop their strengths and each has an opportunity to excel.

The key to our success, is enabling each child to follow their own passion for learning; to build self confidence in order to become increasingly independent and to develop their curiosity and sense of adventure. Our message is very much about ‘From Hendon, To Here – a head start for life’, and you just need to look at our Alumni to see where an education at Hendon Prep can take you. This can be seen through our former pupils who have made a name for themselves in such diverse fields as politics and journalism, where Daniel Finkelstein, Baron Finkelstein, OBE, is currently the associate editor of the Times newspaper and a member of the House of Lords and in sport, where Gaurika Singh, who at 13 years and 255 days, was the youngest athlete to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and has subsequently set the record for winning 4 gold medals in a season of the South Asian games held in Nepal (2019) .

Hendon Prep School children have a strong sense of belonging and pride in their school – they are dynamic, grounded and confident. They work hard to achieve beyond expectations and have great fun doing so. Children are well prepared for the challenges of Senior School and 11+ results are excellent for both girls and boys.

Our School is a unique place with a real sense of community and I am proud to be the Executive Head of such an exceptional school; where we recognise and celebrate the individual – an independent school for independent learners.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hendon for a visit – so you can experience the magic of a HPS education


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