Head's Welcome

Head's Welcome

Hendon Prep is a local co-educational school for boys and girls from 3-11 years situated in the suburbs of North West London. We strongly believe that children should be enriched by their educational experiences and ultimately challenged to fulfil their unique potential.

We want our children to learn and develop in a nurturing and stimulating school environment, where academic excellence and personal well-being are valued equally. We aim to have a deeper knowledge of the needs of every child and we want our pupils to have an exciting and vibrant curriculum so that they can strive to achieve their very best.

Our academic curriculum challenges pupils to search for knowledge and develop a growing awareness of their capability to think both creatively and critically. Beyond the classroom, we aim to offer enriching opportunities so children can discover more about themselves and learn new skills that will help develop their individual character.

We value our academic reputation for preparing girls and boys for selective senior schools, both independent and grammar at 11+, but of equal importance, we want to select pupils who would benefit from the educational opportunities that will enable them to be confident members of our community and the wider global community in time.

If you are interested to find out more about Hendon Prep, I should welcome the opportunity for you to visit us and to meet with me. Please contact a member of our Admissions Team on 020 8203 7727 to make an appointment.


Tushi Gorasia

020 8203 7727