As part of our commitment to extend and broaden our children’s experience at Hendon Prep we offer a dynamic programme of co-curricular activities.

Children are actively encouraged to join these programmes which run both at lunchtime and after school.

Our clubs and activities are continually evolving and have included such activities as construction club, story-telling and drama, football, drawing, netball, handbells, board games, ICT, Greek, Spanish, chess and library clubs.

In addition we also run a homework club and, at appropriate times of the year, clubs focussing on exam prep.

Drama and Music also thrive at Hendon Prep where many children take individual instrumental lessons, join the choir or take a LAMDA lunchtime club.

School Trips

We offer a broad range of trips throughout the school, from those which relate directly to the curriculum to an annual residential trip for the older children.

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