Aims and Ethos

Aims and Ethos

A Local School with a Global Outlook.

At Hendon Prep we aim to develop the potential in every child. We want our pupils to be intellectually curious and we want our children to enjoy learning and to develop skills that will enable them to be more creative thinkers.

We want to offer our children opportunities to develop a unique character and we encourage resilience and independence in all our pupils.

We aim to support our parents and together we want to nurture our children to strive for academic excellence and a greater sense of well-being. We want our children to contribute to our community and to aspire to be global citizens.

Creating Lives of Significance.

At Hendon Prep our ethos is to encourage values of respect and tolerance for one another. We celebrate our individuality and our cultural and religious diversity. We promote honesty and integrity and we want all our children to flourish and become valued members of our community. Through School and House assemblies, Tutor and Circle Time and our well-being lessons we engage our pupils to think about their beliefs and the values of British Society.

We value the uniqueness of every child and we believe that children should be encouraged to grow in confidence and develop skills that will enable them to offer service to others. We encourage charitable-giving and we want our children to develop a habit of being socially minded. We believe that they will become leaders of the future and ultimately lead lives of significance.


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