Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

Top Prep School

Hendon Prep offers a stimulating and exciting curriculum in well-resourced classrooms. Teaching is creative and imaginative and we set high academic expectations for all our pupils.

ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate have reported that Hendon Prep have ‘met’ all Standards in the latest Compliance Inspection.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is a body approved by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills for the purpose of inspecting independent schools in the Independent Schools Council under Section 162 of the Education Act 2002. The purposes of inspection are to ensure that standards are maintained and that schools comply with the relevant legal requirements. Recommendations are included to help schools improve.

The Focused Compliance Inspection reports only on the School’s compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations and the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools. The standards represent minimum requirements and judgements are given either as ‘met’ or as ‘not met’.

“The school aims to develop the potential in every child by making them intellectually curious and by ensuring that they enjoy their learning and develop skills that will enable them to become creative thinkers.  In conjunction with parents, the school will nurture the pupils to strive for academic excellence and to aspire to become global citizens.”

Hendon Prep received a full compliance inspection report by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)  in June 2018, the findings of which closely reflect the school’s core purpose.

Key findings from the inspection are:

 “The standards relating to the quality of education at Hendon Prep are met.”

“The standards relating to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are met.”

“The standard relating to leadership and management Hendon Prep are met.”

Hendon Prep received a full school inspection by the independent School Inspection Service (SIS) in June 2015, the findings of which closely reflect the school’s aims.

Key findings from the inspection are:

“The Early Years’ provision is outstanding in meeting the needs of all children who attend the school.”

“Hendon Prep is a good school with outstanding features. It provides a balanced and broad education.”

“The curriculum is good. It meets the needs of the pupils successfully, is directly relevant to their future lives and helps them to become well-rounded and confident individuals.”

“The school educates pupils well in order to achieve entry into popular selective schools.”

“The school creates a harmonious and achieving ethos, where pupils feel very well cared for and enjoy their education.”


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