Inspection Reports

Top Prep School

Hendon Prep offers a stimulating and exciting curriculum in well-resourced classrooms. Teaching is creative and imaginative and we set high academic expectations for all our pupils.

Hendon Prep received a full school inspection by the independent School Inspection Service (SIS) in June 2015, the findings of which closely reflect the school’s aims.


Key findings from the inspection are:

“The Early Years’ provision is outstanding in meeting the needs of all children who attend the school.”

“Hendon Prep is a good school with some outstanding features. It provides a balanced and broad education.”

“The curriculum is good. It meets the needs of the pupils successfully, is directly relevant to their future lives and helps them to become well-rounded and confident individuals.”

“The school educates pupils well in order to achieve entry into popular selective schools.”

“The school creates a harmonious and achieving ethos, where pupils feel very well cared for and enjoy their education.”